Boat Envy?

Every now and then during this trip, we get to see how the "other half" lives. When I look at some of these huge mega-yachts like we saw in West Palm Beach and here and Chub Cay Resort, I can't help but wonder what their life must be like...What's it like to wake up to a staff of people who prepare your meals, keep your boat in ship-shape and deliver it to whatever location you want? What would be like to have a helipad on your boat so you can fly to it where ever and when ever you please?

Then again, from my travels in Nepal, India and the Maldives, I'm sure there are those living there who consider US the "other half". It's all relative, right? The divide between the "have" and the "have nots" seems to be getting bigger at an even more rapid rate with the pandemic and loss of jobs.

I don't begrudge the "haves". If one is successful and earns lots of money, they can buy whatever they want. I DO think our laws should make sure everyone pays their fair share to keep our country running and that no one should be given special favors or have more control of our country because of their wealth.

It's not envy that I experience looking at them either. As my friend Jason said while we were wondering about a huge boat in Beautfort, NC once. "They're looking at the same sunset we are." The experiences we've had so far on Solveig are exactly what matters to me...The clear water, clean air, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and lots and lots of wildlife are available to all of us, no matter what size boat we have or how "fancy" our surroundings. While "fancy" is fun every now and then, I much prefer rocking on the hook.

We've made Solveig work for the two of us. We could've sold everything and bought a bigger boat but that didn't match OUR goal of staying debt free. The reduce stress that brings are worth a lot to me. At 35 ft, we have plenty of room for two people and we've been really comfortable. I love that either of us could single handle her in a pinch, that she sails beautifully and that she's as solid as a rock. I especially love the memories she carries...Times with my Dad at the helm...The kids sitting in a line on the bow, waiting for waves to splash on their legs, sleepovers on the boat, anchoring out with friends.

That's it for me...It's the experience...the memories that I cherish well over the "things". I learned over my lifetime that a big house is not what makes a happy family. High pay is not what makes a rewarding career. Daily contact is not what makes good friends.

My lesson this week is to appreciate what I have. When I focus on the experience I want to create, the "stuff" or "things" don't matter. We can all watch the same sunrises and sunsets, swim in the same oceans, hike the same trails and enjoy the same wildlife...We just chose to do those things aboard our little Solveig.

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