Tis the Season!

The holiday season truly is one of my favorite times of the year. I used to love decorating the house, making cookies with the kids, taking out the holiday theme box for therapy session at the clinic, reading the books and most of all, watching the excitement of the children. Sometimes it was overwhelming for my kiddos on the spectrum, heck, the excitement and hustle and bustle was often overwhelming for ALL of us. Still, it was all so FUN! I know it's different during these Covid-19 times and in many ways, it's easier to be away, doing something completely different.

I remember when I had 4 littles in our home. I would envision the "Hallmark" version of making cookies, or making gingerbread houses. With my 4, it would often end up more like a comedy of errors with flour and sprinkles everywhere, thrown cookie dough and me telling them to all go out and play while I cleaned up the mess. I felt so disappointed... In myself, in them and sad because it didn't turn out the way I pictured it. I quickly learned that when I let go of any expectation of what it was going to look like and just enjoyed what was happening, we all had more fun.

I'm soooo happy to be back on the water this week! We're back on the hook and rocking gently. We have finally arrived in that part of Florida where the water turns to turquoise blue and beaches get whiter. The waterfront area of Lake Worth area is beautiful with the tall buildings and big boats. The people at Palm Beach Sailing Club have been welcoming and informative and the facilities are terrific!

We got Solveig all decorated for the holidays with decorations, lights, music and even a combination music/light show combination! We learned that the window cling decorations serve a double purpose of trapping "no see ums"! BONUS! We have a tree and my fabulous step-mom, Barbara, even figured out a way to make sure there were a few gifts under it. AND best of all, we got the news that my mom is responding well to immunotherapy and the tumor in her lung is shrinking at a "robust" rate. Whew...What a gift!

So why have I been so tense and irritable? These are all good things! I've learned that my level of content tends to be directly related to the number of "adulting" details I'm faced with. We had planned on having all the life details handled before leaving but that's not exactly the way it's turned out. My business partner and I have checked off quite a few boxes of things that needed to be accomplished to close down the business and sell the office space but there are still some that we haven't been able to complete yet. On top of the business details, we get to coordinate getting covid-19 tests with weather windows and make preparations to make the relatively long trip (about 14 hrs. depending on wind/current) across the ocean, through the gulf stream to get to the Bahamas.

We found a clinic that would do the testing and got an Uber to the site. The driver was quite inventive in creating a safe space! The staff at the clinic had us wait outside and a nurse, in full PPE, came out to do the swabs. Now we get to wait for the results, upload the health visa, get it approved and get to the Bahamas before the end of the day on Sunday! The Bahamas requires a negative swab covid-19 test within 5 days or arrival and another quick test 5 days after you've been there. I'm glad they're being so careful but the timing is tough when you have to coordinate with a weather window.

So right now, I get to BREATHE and relax. I KNOW that I have a competent business partner and office manager who can help get final details handled for Let's Talk. I KNOW I have a competent life partner in Robert and boat buddies in Maryellen and Bill to help insure we get safely to the Bahamas. I'm just going to have faith that all the details will fall into place...And if they don't, that we'll find a way to handle it. We always have in the past so there's no reason to think that will change now.

AND, I'm focusing on all the wonderful, joyous things that are happening around me and how lucky we are to be able to be experiencing this adventure. Our boat buddy Bill's frequent expression is "It's supposed to be fun!" YES! I don't need to be attached to exactly where we are going or what we are doing and when...I'm going to focus on the ways of being...relaxed, adventurous but most of all...FUN! Let's do this!!

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